Other Experiences

In Wine Not we understand that not everything in Mendoza is related to wine, so we also offer a delicate selection of craft beers, olive oil tasting and traditional beverages so that our custumers can have a taste of all thats not wine.

Olive Oil Tasting
Considering the quality of olives and olive oil that Mendoza have here you can taste, learn to distinguish diferent varieties and all related to the production.
Craft Beer Tasting
With the same concept and exclusiveness that we composed our wine list we offer the experience of tasting diferent types of this wonderfull beverage.
Cocktails and Distillates
Without leaving aside our point of view focus on the wine we invite you to try our wine cocktail selection and discover new sensations.
Mate Tasting
Traditional and very special beverage/infusion with alot of history and cultural values to share.